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Willoh Selena Bow Blouse

Selena Bow Blouse




Diane Flounce Blouse

Diane Flounce Blouse



Willoh Lindsay Feather Necklace

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Lindsay Feather Necklace



Willoh Amber Lace Cardigan

Amber Lace Cardigan



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About Willoh

Whimsical, charming and impeccably made. Founded Willoh in 2009, this line of children’s clothing captures the memories of her magical childhood and it’s a reflection of Marisa’s character, which has been formed by intuition, creativity and devotion. She has a worldview that is constantly inspired by the cultural diversity of today’s fast paced world. Designed in studios in both London and Bangkok, the brand combines influences from two cultures to produce a fusion of modern European sophistication and quality and an Asian integrity of finesse, flair for colours and exoticism with expertise in textiles. The result is a remarkably trans-cultural, yet wearable range of clothing, blending nostalgia and modernity seamlessly. “Your very favourite clothes, however insignificant they may seem, should be beautifully made and do their job without being ostentatious” Each collection encapsulates signature mix of the traditional and contemporary, using luxurious fabrics and intricate materials enhanced by exquisite tailoring and a meticulous eye for detail that results in uniquely charming and refined garments for young girls and boys aged 2 to 8. The results are intended to be an alternative to the “throwaway nature” of much of today’s fashions for children, while at the same time being surprisingly affordable, wearable and practical. They are, most importantly, clothes that are “made to be loved”.